John Stockton

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Photo courtesy of Andrea Denos

Photo courtesy of Andrea Denos

John Stockton was in Salt Lake City on November 13 for a book signing. His autobiography Assisted was released October 29.

John Stockton, known for wanting his privacy during his professional career, gives readers a truly unique look at his career and his relationships, writes Steve Luhm of the Salt Lake Tribune. Though Stockton commented in an interview that the book isn’t a tell all. He says that he started the book as a way to pass on messages to his children and as a way to think about his experiences.

Stockton said that “The most enjoyable part [of writing the book] was the walk down memory lane . . . . It was fun.”

He wrote the book with Kerry L. Picket. They met when Stockton was in the sixth grade. Picket was his basketball coach.

Stockton holds the record for career assists with 15,806 and also the record for total number of steals with 3,265. He played 19 seasons for the Jazz and played in two Olympics on the U.S. men’s basketball teams and was awarded the game ball both times.

Diana Allen, in her review of the book, writes that John Stockton’s book Assisted is an inspiring book. Fans will learn everything they have ever wanted to know about Stockton and more.

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