The Kage: Student Radio

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'DJ Scoots' (Tate Ingram) tells those listening in what jams will be coming up next. Photo by Tyler Aldous

‘DJ Scoots’ (Tate Ingram) tells those listening in what jams will be coming up next. Photo by Tyler Aldous

The Kage is a radio station that has been run by Snow College since 1993. According to Gary Chidester, the advisor of The Kage, the purpose of the station is “to give students an opportunity to learn broadcasting,” and “to give students the opportunity to hear programming that is designed for them.” The class will be available next semester on Mondays at 5:30 p.m.

Gary Chidester worked for three different stations before working at Snow College. He said that The Kage is set up to be as close as possible to how a professional station is run. Chidester went on to say that it is a great opportunity to work because it is extremely difficult to get a job at a real radio station without any experience, and most colleges don’t usually let freshmen or sophomores on the air. The students on staff also learn about management and some of the different aspects of broadcasting.

Nicki Zufelt is a Snow College student who is currently taking the class. Zufelt has a regular show as well as a specialty show called “The Upstroke” during which she plays ska and punk music. She explained the difference between her regular shift and her specialty show, saying that there is already a set playlist of songs to play during regular shifts, whereas she gets to create the playlist for her specialty show. When asked if she would recommend taking the class, Zufelt responded with, “Oh, yeah. Definitely.”

The Kage is broadcast on 88.9 FM. Anyone who wants to request a song can do so by calling 435-283-7007. Those who prefer texting have the option of sending their requests to 66746.


Krystal Landa-Ferron is from Kearns, Utah and is a sophomore at Snow College. This is her first year on senior staff. She is a great addition to the Snowdrift staff; she is always willing to help out as well as write, and edit both pictures and articles. Krystal enjoys meeting people; she is an RA for on campus housing and loves it. She is majoring in psychology and will be transferring to Southern Utah University in the fall.

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