“Kaged” In

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Jeff Hermansen and Derek Lot take care of some last minute details before switching shifts at the KAGE. Photo by Crystal Snow

Jeff Hermansen and Derek Lot take care of some last minute details before switching shifts at the KAGE. Photo by Crystal Snow

There is one thing that stands out about Snow College. This, of course, is that Snow College had the first educational F.M. radio station in the entire state of Utah.

The Snow College radio was first founded in the 1950’s by Joseph Crane. During the next three decades, the station was on and off the air. In 1984, the station was discontinued for a time.

When Snow College’s own Gary Chidester was hired in the early 90’s, one of his goals was to bring back Snow College’s radio station. He expresses, “I thought students would be interested in being on the air as DJ’s.” In 1994, Chidester’s goal became a reality.

Every radio station is required to have a four-letter station identification name. When Snow College applied for the station, the four-letter name they received was KAGJ. After brainstorming a name and with a little creativity, the “KAGE” was born.

Today, the KAGE plays popular music from all genres. Listeners can also call or text in to request any song. If the DJ has the song in his or her music library, it will most likely be played on the air.

Along with great music, the KAGE also offers listeners world and local news, sports updates, public service announcements and happenings from around campus.

The KAGE also puts on specialty shows.  Specialty shows highlight one type of music genre ranging from jazz and hip-hop, to classical and Broadway. Arguably, one of the more favored specialty shows is Lover’s Lane.  This offers two hours of romantic love songs for spending time with that special someone.

Ashlee Parker, a student attending Snow College says, “I absolutely love listening to ‘Lover’s Lane.’  It reminds me of when Delilah was on the air.”

Possibly the most unique feature of the station is that it is operated by Snow College students. Radio Performance is offered as a class for those who are interested in becoming a DJ. There are no requirements necessary to sign up, and those enrolled will be trained.

Chidester, instructor of the class, reached out to all students by saying, “If anyone has any interest at all in being a DJ, they are more than welcome to sign up for the class.”

For more information about becoming a DJ, Chidester and his staff can normally be found in the radio suite, classroom 115 in the Humanities building.

The KAGE can be found on 88.9 F.M. Those interested in requesting a song, call 435-283-7007, or text K.A.G.E to 66746 and enjoy the request. Tune the dial to 88.9 F.M. and become “KAGED up” by Snow College’s own student run radio station.

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