How to Not Lose “The Special One”

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Photo by Tyler Aldous

Photo by Tyler Aldous

You got him. That’s the hardest part, right? Wrong. Being in a relationship can be stressful because you’re worried that he might break your heart. How do you keep your guy once you have him?

The biggest thing you can do to keep a relationship going is compromise. As much as every girl wishes, a boyfriend is not a servant. A boyfriend’s job is not to revolve his entire life around his girlfriend, and vice versa.

Everybody is different! Even though a couple may have many similarities, there will also be some differences. Sometimes it may seem like these differences get in the way of a happy relationship, but the key is to compromise, work out the differences and problems. Relationships aren’t just one-sided. Make an effort and let him know that you want him to be happy as much as you want to be happy!

Just like girls, boys get relationship advice from their friends. A good way to keep a relationship going is to be friends with his friends. Don’t just be “my friend’s girlfriend” to them, legitimately care about them the way you would your own friends. That way, if things ever get rough and he goes to his friends for advice, they give positive advice because, hey, they like having you around!

Another great way to keep a relationship going is to keep it interesting. Plenty of good relationships have ended because the couple gets bored. Go out and do stuff with your boyfriend! Find new activities to do and go on dates. Don’t just sit at home and watch movies all the time. You don’t need a boyfriend to do that. Keep your relationship interesting and you won’t want it to end.

Keeping a relationship going is a lot of work, but if you are with the right person it is worth it. Try not to be selfish, and remember to keep the relationship interesting.

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