Keeping a Lookout for Flooding in Utah

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Residents of drought plague Utah, have gotten quite a surprise with the weather seen this last week.

With inch after inch pouring down, citizens are encouraged to be careful. There are parts of the rivers across the state that have quite a bit more water than normal. When it comes to these weather conditions, many are choosing to stay inside for the most part.

"Snowmelt backs up sewers in northern Utah, breaches canal" Photo courtesy of The Salt Lake Tribune.

Residents in northern Utah fill sandbags to protect homes and communities from recent flooding.  Photo courtesy of The Salt Lake Tribune.

While there have been no official restrictions made, locals of these areas are encouraged to be conservative with their water use. The sewer systems in these parts of Utah are filled with waste and the main concern for Utah officials is, the sewer system running behind.

The implications of flooding may be scary, Utah officials are urging that nobody panic. They want local citizens to be prepared and do their best to have the right equipment. The Snowdrift encourages students and citizens to keep an eye on updates, dress warm, and be safe.

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