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Among buildings dedicated to science, mathematics, business, etc., the Snow College Horn Activity Center (AC) stands as a monument to health, fitness, and entertainment.

Directly in front of the main doors is the gymnasium that many Snow College teams use as their home court. At the moment, the volleyball team is the only team that is playing regular season games in the AC.  Be sure to catch their last three home games on October 20, 22, and 29. In a few weeks, the men’s and women’s basketball teams will start playing their home games.

Not only is the AC used for the school sponsored sports, but for students who just like to have fun. Ian Healy, a Snow College student, says that one of his favorite facilities at the Activity Center is the basketball courts. “I try to go at least three times a week. My roommates and I love playing, so we try to get out and play as much as we can.” Not only are there basketball courts, there are also soccer fields and racquetball courts, as well as a rock climbing wall, fitness center, and an indoor pool.

To get the most out of these facilities, the AC offers free classes and events to students that cover a wide range of interests. Some of these classes include racquetball, wallyball, noon basketball, and lap swimming and more. The rest of the options, including times and dates for classes can be found on snow.edu, under the Horne Activity Center, and classes & activities.

The Activity Center is also the location of the intramural offices.  There are flyers that inform students about which intramural leagues are starting soon. If have questions about intramurals that have not been answered, the Intramural Director, Carol Green can be contacted at 435.283.7040.

The AC is able to provide students with the opportunity to go and get exercise in a variety of different ways. Each student should take advantage of this opportunity, even if only 20 minutes per day.

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