Let’s Be Honest – Episode 1

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letsbehonest1letsbehonestA new part of the Snowdrift includes an article and a video on questions asked to random students all over campus.

We’ve all gone on a date that hasn’t turned out the way we wanted it to, so asked the students about their craziest date. Here are some of the answers we got.

Madi Rich a student here at Snow College said “We played three legged soccer with one of those giant exercise balls.”

There are many weird words out there in the world. If Snow College students had a chance to create their own words these would be the ones they’d create.

Jessica Guymon a student here at Snow College said she would create the word Smirkle. “It’s half a smile and half a purple because it’s my favorite color!”

Many times during the year students receive presents, we asked the students here at Snow College if they have ever gotten a crazy present. Many of them had received random, and crazy presents.

Zane Zabriskie said the craziest present he has ever received was a sword.

The semester just started, but if you could have any class on campus what would it be? Many students have different classes they wish were offered here at Snow College.

Lacey Peterson expressed her desire to have a ASL sign language class for the students here at Snow College.

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