Let’s Be Honest – Episode 2

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We are back with episode two of Let’s Be Honest. Each week four questions are asked to random students around campus. Here are this week’s questions and participants.

Whether being here at Snow College for either two semesters or a couple of years, there are sure to be some embarrassing things that have happened. Here is a great response from a student who had something really embarrassing happen to her since coming to Snow College.

Sydney Bingham shared the time when one day it was around six in the morning she got up to go to the bathroom and as she was walking she went face first into the door. She had a dent on one side of her face and had a black eye for quite a while. Her roommates and friends thought that her boyfriend was abusive but nope she just ran into the bathroom door.

Many of us have at least three other roommates and the fridge can get quite full. If you were to close your eyes and pick something out of the fridge what would it be?

Audrey Svedin said that she would most likely grab something like apples

Now that it’s getting colder since we got snow not too long ago what would you rather have, heat or do you like the cold?

Jenica Chisholm expressed that she would rather be cold than hot. “When it’s cold you can wrap your self up and cuddle in blankets. The cold never bothered me anyway.”

Last but not least, many students around campus have seen a super hero movie at least once in their life. If you could have any super power what would it be and would you use it for good or evil?

Alyssa Nelson said that she would love to be able to fly. Since she doesn’t have a car this would be the easiest way to get around. Alyssa would use this power for good and be willing to take other people where they need to go.

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