Let’s Be Honest – Episode 4

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This week has been a new week of unique questions. Episode 4 has brought more students’ personalities into the answers and the video.

The first question for this episode was, “If you were ruler of the world, what laws would you make?” Ryan Adair replied saying, “Everyone would have two hours designated to nap time every day and that gas would not go above two dollars.”

There are so many different genres of movies that we all love to watch. The second question for this week was, “If your life was animated, what genre would it be?” Allison Eagar said, “I’d like to say a romantic comedy, but maybe just a comedy.”

Everyone knows that Snow College’s mascot is the badger. Do students at Snow College like the idea of a badger as their mascot or would they rather change it? Kylie Lord expressed that she would like the badger as a mascot more if it wasn’t so random and if they could use the badger more in activities.

The last question for this week was, “If you could steal one thing, what would it be?” Shelby Summers replied, “Beyonce’s dance moves.”

Thank you all for another great week!

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