Letter to the Editor

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Photo courtesy ayurvedamagazine.org

Photo courtesy ayurvedamagazine.org

I want to talk about why we shouldn’t need to take classes that don’t go towards our specific degree. I think that this is a big thing for those enrolled in college, because it can cost a lot of money. We try to make it as cheap as we can so we don’t have to take out student loans. Student loans add up and become costly. So I think that if we got rid of the general education classes it would cut the cost in half. We wouldn’t have to get student loans as fast.

If we only study what interests us we will spend the money on what we want to learn. We shouldn’t have to be pushed into taking classes that we do not need. The chance that we will not pass those classes is high. Also the chance that we drop out is higher as well because if we don’t pass them, we will have to retake them. Then we have to spend even more money.

There is an example that I would like to talk about: the fact that we have to take a physical education class. I feel we shouldn’t have to take a class that we took in middle school. We shouldn’t have to be forced into taking a class that we have already taken. We should be able to pick our own physical education classes that interest us. If someone wants to be a physical education teacher they need tough classes, but I do not!

I asked a few of my friends about this. They have the same feeling about this as I do. They also have some good solutions about this. One of them said that, “even if we get rid of the general education classes it wouldn’t get rid of the classes we would still have tough classes they just wouldn’t be required for us to take them.” They also said, “the people that tell us to take general education classes are those that make money on them.” They continued, “the same amount of people would go through school as before.” I believe that a lot of people feel this way about general education classes. I feel that we shouldn’t be forced into take classes that do not count to our degrees.


Alec Richards


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