Library Fines for Top Floor Talking

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Brooke Nixon and Hans Hurst use duct tape to refrain from talking and being fined for talking to loud on the top floor ofthe library. Photo by Kaitlyn Bown

Brooke Nixon and Hans Hurst use duct tape to refrain from talking and being fined for talking to loud on the top floor of the library. Photo by Kaitlyn Bown

For the remainder of the 2015 Spring semester, the Snow College library will be experimenting with a new procedure on the top floor of the library. Students caught talking will now be penalized with a fine.
The top floor of the library has long been known as a place to go and study in peace and quiet. A no talking environment has been established up there while other, “social studiers” will congregate on the second floor.
Due to an increased number of noise complaints from scholars seeking refuge on the third floor from the talking and chatter below, the library and college have approved a new procedure for those caught interrupting the silence at the top of the library.
Four employees will be stationed in each corner of the top floor with decibel measuring devices. Anyone recorded at 40 decibels or above, will be given a warning. A second offense will result in an escort downstairs and a charge of $5 to the guilty persons Badger account. This will include noise coming through the private rooms on the north and south side of the floor.
A normal conversation is on average 60 decibels while a whisper is 30. Whispering is strongly discouraged but will be allowed as long as it doesn’t peak over the limit of 40 decibels.
After three charges reaching the payment amount of $5, students will be photographed and placed on a banned board. This will be to prevent them from causing more injustice by interrupting studious and concentrated school work.
Hannah Wight, a regular of the third floor approves of the libraries new course of action. “I’m really glad that they charging people, because now I can finally get my homework done without all the distractions. The crime fits the punishment.”
Anyone wishing to find out more specifics of this new library regime can inquire about it at the library front desk. All proceeds from the fines will go towards installing a free soft-serve ice cream cone station next to the library food court.

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