Life As An International Student

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Center for Global Engagement. Photo by McCall Voigt

Center for Global Engagement. Photo by McCall Voigt

Snow College has about 120 international students including myself. The Global Engagement Center’s supports these students and many American students are helpful in making their Snow experiences better and better.

Snow College has a Global Engagement Center, which is known as GEC. This is a very important and reliable community for all international students. I did not know many things about Snow College and about America on the day I came here. I was really nervous to start a new life apart from Japan. But, GEC staff welcomed me to Snow College and I got relieved soon. They picked me up from the airport and brought me to the campus. They told me many things about Ephraim, and helped me to complete the entrance procedures.

Through a whole year, GEC offers many activities for international students. For example, I joined a Grand Canyon tour last October. It was extremely fun. Some activities cost, others are for free. These activities are planned by GEC staff. Each member of the staff is kind, reliable, and friendly to every international students. I think GEC can be said as another home for many international students.

Shaneen Wintch, who is a faculty at GEC said about her job ” It is not hard. I love my job and getting to know the students. I do find that sometimes there is not enough time to help everyone. I wish I had more time.”

Though international students found their home in Snow College, they can’t stay in the comfortable place forever. They have to get into a class, study, and compete with American students. Last August, I started to take academic classes. I had not been used to speaking and listening to English fluently yet, and I didn’t have any friends in my class, so I had a really hard time in the classes. However, my classmates and teachers always paid attention to me, talked to me friendly, and gave me some help during a class. Thank you for the support, I gradually get used to study in the class. Like my experience, any international students get worried about their English, and try hard to keep up with their classes. And, they realize that many American students understand them and support them willingly.

An international student who came to Snow College in this semester, Jeremy Ramos said ”My American classmates are really cool and gentle, it’s good to know that most of them feel happy and enjoy to help me. They pretty much understand what I say and when I have problems to show them my point of view in some subjects they act calm and do their best to figure out what I mean.”

As you can see, Snow College international students can get big help from not only Global Engagement Center, but also many American students. The support gives them their wonderful college life here. I appreciate it as one of the international students in Snow College.


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