Local Band Started by Snow College Students

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Music is a cultural staple within the small, college town of Ephraim, Utah which is largely driven by the well-known music program that Snow has to offer. Five students attending Snow for music took advantage of the musical atmosphere to create the indie band, Cardinal Bloom.

Lead singer Joey St. John created the band several years ago, but it now features a completely different line up with Jacob Silvester as bassist and backup vocals, Josh Thomas on lead guitar, Clara Campbell as synth and backup vocals, and Nathan Adair as the drummer. 

The name was meant to imply that they are not a cookie cutter group. Cardinal was a neutral color that showed their uniqueness without going too dark. The bloom is reminiscent of something new and beginning, reflecting the band members own lives and experience.

The band defines themselves as an “ambient indie rock band” according to their Instagram bio. St. John elaborated on the definition saying, “The indie rock band is obviously independent music, but more recently it has come to mean hipster or not common.” Their goals are to create new and fresh music that is not commonly commercialized. “The ambience comes from a lot of reverb and synth pads to create the sound,” St. John continued.

While Cardinal Bloom has been around for several years, the current group has only been together for six months. Guitarist, Josh Thomas joined the band to be a part of a more committed group, Clara Campbell, keyboardist, wanted to try something different from her typical jazz experience, and drummer, Nathan Adair, found Cardinal Bloom to be a creative outlet. Bassist, Jacob Silvester, despite not being a founding member, has been a part of it for a while.

Cardinal Bloom has released an EP, or extended play, with five songs, and has recently released a new single. Their music can be found on any streaming service such as Spotify, Apple Music, etc. They find their inspiration for their songs from specific moments within their lives. “I don’t think we’ve ever manufactured a song just to make another song,” said St. John, “We don’t sit down and try to produce random moments, they just happen. The lyrics tend to fit whatever is happening in your life.”

The band continues to release music, the next single “Little Ghost” is coming out on March 13. Find them on Instagram @CardinalBloomOfficial and Facebook at Cardinal Bloom.

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