Looking Forward

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Makenna Anderson gives two thumbs up for the start of this new school year.  Photo by Emily Gordon.

Makenna Anderson gives two thumbs up for the start of this new school year. Photo by Emily Gordon.

As we start a new school year, what do Snow College Students have to look forward to? Between social events and academic opportunities, students will have plenty to do. In an interview with Snow College’s Student Body President, Chris Jenkins, he highlights what students have to look forward to this semester.
Jenkins said that there are many exciting activities planned this semester but he highlighted to look forward to homecoming week. The week is full of fun activities each day leading up to the game and dance on Saturday.
Jenkin’s favorite event of Homecoming Week is Open Mic Night. He said, “It is really cool because there is a large portion of the student body that is involved in the music program. Weber State University, Utah State University and the University of Utah combined have an average of 1.3% of music majors, Snow has 5.6%. It also gives the students that aren’t in the music program to participate as well.”
That is not all that this semester has to offer, there are plenty more activities look forward to. Social activities as well as academic events are scattered throughout the year.
Some of the academic events include Art Talks, Friends Food and Foreign Affairs, Gender Initiative Events, International Movie Night, and many more.
As mentioned before, our music major students also perform outstanding concerts throughout the year. The Theater Department always puts on two plays each semester. The first production, “Don’t Drink the Water,” will be in the beginning of October.
If any of these activities don’t attract your attention, then there are several clubs that you can join. Chris explains that it would beneficial to look at all the clubs.
To learn more about clubs, go to the Snow website on the student life page and you can look up clubs and their information. For more information about various clubs, you can also contact Student Body Advocate Deven Larisch who is over clubs and organizations by email at devenlarisch7@gmail.com.
Jenkins said “There are so many activities on campus this year. So make sure to mark your calendars and
get involved!”

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