Making Money Online

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Who doesn’t need more money for college? One way to make some extra cash while having fun is by creating an online business. Use these steps to get started.

First of all, there are many things out there that a college student could sell. Joseph Lara said, “Students look for tutors, affordable housing, dorm furniture, and cheap textbooks. I suggest that somebody make a website and puts all of those things on it to sell.”

Second, finding the perfect audience to sell to is key to having a successful business. There is nothing worse than putting time and money into starting up a business or hobby and seeing it fail because of a lack of an audience.

Third is how to get started naming an online business. It needs to be related to the product being sold or the content of the website or blog. A great resource for this is Put in a word or two, and it will come up with domains for sale related to the entry. Another tip is to think about what words an audience would Google when looking for a product. Just make sure that the name is specific and unique to the purpose of the business.

Lastly, all businesses need to advertise. The nice thing about being online is that search engines are constantly searching for new websites to add to their database, but that’s a passive way of advertising which won’t gain much attention. Word of mouth is a great way, especially if a business is directed towards Snow College students-spread the word to fellow students while on campus.

Starting a business can be hard at first, but sticking with a business plan is key to success. Happy money making!

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