Making Resolutions Stick

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Why is keeping New Year’s Resolutions so hard? January starts out with heads full of fitness plans and hearts full of good intentions, but by the time February rolls around most people have given up on their goals.  

Kelly Ballard warming up on the cycling machine at the Horne Activity Center. Photo by Emma Parnell

Grace Pedersen, a Snow College student, said, “I start to lose incentive after January. At the beginning I had all this motivation, but now it’s hard to find a reason to keep going.”  

To help remedy the loss of motivation that comes with the end of January, here are 6 tips to make New Year’s Resolutions last all year long. Set smaller goals within larger ones. Want to lose some weight? Instead of jumping to lose 25 pounds start out with a smaller goal like eating 3 servings of vegetables a day or exercising five times a week to make the big goal more manageable. 

Take a friend along! Having a partner in crime to rely on not only makes achieving goals more entertaining, but it keeps both people accountable. Snow College student, Addy Wilde said, “Going to the gym with someone else is way more fun! Plus knowing that they are coming with me helps me have the motivation to actually go.” Nobody’s perfect. If the chocolate cake is too tempting and resolutions go out the window for the night, everything isn’t ruined! Don’t feel too guilty about it and keep trying (even Victoria’s Secret models have eaten cake). 

Sit down once a week and take a few minutes to track the progress. What went well this week? What could be improved? Having a little time set aside is great to help people tweak the way they’re going about their goals and helps them be the most successful.  

Decide which resolutions are at the top of the priorities list. People tend to pile on the resolutions, attempting to fix everything about themselves with the new year, TAKE A BREAK. No one can realistically lose 25 lbs, get straight A’s, read 10 books, get a boyfriend/girlfriend and keep their sanity. It’s important for people to pick the resolutions that they most want to achieve, so they can stick to them. 

Celebrate the small victories! Lose 3 lbs? Go to the movies! Finish that book you’ve been wanting to read? Buy a treat. Keep the motivation by promising a reward for all the little milestones. 

Instead of giving up on their goals after the excitement of the New Year dies down, encourage people to try following a few of these five tips (or some of their own) to make their resolutions last!  

Emma Parnell grew up across the United States, and now resides in North Carolina when she is not at Snow College. She is currently working towards her Associates of Science, and is a member of the Honors Program at Snow College. Emma loves writing, reading, and baking, and in her off time is an avid Netflix enthusiast and tea drinker.

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