Markay Gold Coaches Tennis Class and Club

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Photo by Kasie Bussard

Photo by Kasie Bussard

Markay Gold’s biggest dream in first grade was to become a grocery store bagger like her older brother. Those plans changed, and Gold decided to play and coach tennis instead, which she has done for years now.

Gold has been working at Snow College since September 2013. Her husband is the men’s basketball assistant, and they met at Weber State. He got a job at Snow College, so Gold decided to follow him without knowing anything about Snow back then. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to be able to teach the tennis class and the tennis club. It’s been fun to connect with students from different back grounds,”Gold said. She started doing the tennis club last year and had her first time teaching the tennis class last year as well. Not only does Gold love tennis, she is also very athletic and likes to exercise and attend Snow College sporting events. She and a colleague have come up with Snow Fit, which is a fitness initiative for the employees. Currently, 260 are currently participating. “A lot of people said they did not have time to exercise, but the Fitbits helped with that. Now, the employees can track their steps, and many of them started walking instead of taking their cars,” Gold says. She arranges weekly challenges and workouts for the participants so they can stay active.

Gold has had a passion for tennis since the summer between seventh and eight grade. It was one of her friend’s moms that had signed her own daughter up for tennis lessons, but the daughter did not want to take the lessons. The mom therefore asked if Gold would like to join her daughter for the lessons, which she did – and continued with for a long time.

She played all four years for East High and later got the opportunity to play for Weber State. After playing for them for four years, she became a graduate assistant for her fifth year coaching while finishing her school. After that, Gold got hired as the first part time tennis coach for the women’s team. She coached them for two years and had a couple of private clubs on the sideline as well. “I want people to leave my tennis class and club and have a positive experience from tennis. I want them to leave the place saying tennis was fun,” Gold explains. This year, 16 students had signed up for the class and even more attend the weekly club on Tuesday nights from 7 – 8. The tennis class is only a half-semester class and ended in the beginning of

October, but the club continues all year. When it gets too cold, the club moves inside and plays in the blue gym in the Activity Center.

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