Meet Snow’s Business Club

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Photo courtesy of Snow College Facebook

Photo courtesy of Snow College Facebook

The Business Club holds both state and national titles and students enjoy their energetic presence here on campus.

Led by Stacee McIff, chair of the Business Department, the Business Club meets every Thursday at 2:30 in room 104 of the Business Building. By coming to the meetings and participating in project, you can gain one credit, and they have fun.

President of the Business Club Haylie Miller, explains that members compete in PBL and DECA as well as hosting activities on campus like Real Life Tinder, Opportunity Quest, and many more.

This year’s Business Club leadership includes President Haylie Miller, VP DECA Amberly Grabowski, VP Service Tracie Semadeni, VP Activities Jake Giles, VP Programming Same Leon, VP Fundraising Edgar Gomez, VP Public Relations Kylee Haddock, Secretary Kari Thompson, Treasurer Liz Anderson, and Historian Cheyenne Riding.

Treasurer Liz Anderson says, “Everyone should join Business Cub! It is such a great experience, and it also looks really good on resumes. We have so many amazing opportunities throughout the year that no one would want to miss out on!”

The main goals of Business Club are to help students take what they learn in school and apply it to the professional world in a functional, lucrative, and overall impressive way. President Haylie Miller says, “I love Business Club because it helps average and excellent students alike realize their potential as future professionals.”

The Business Club travels around the state and nation competing in PBL and DECA. Amberly Grabowski ,VP over DECA is most excited to travel to Disney World. She says, “I have never been to Disney World or Disney Land! This will be a great opportunity to see how Disney works and have some fun while we are at it!”

The Business Club offers many great opportunities to students here on campus. Whether you help plan or just participate, the activities are something to look forward to this year.











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