Mens Basketball Prepares for Regions

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Drake and Wyatt after the basketball game. Photo Courtesy of Patrick Kastner

Snow College’s Men’s Basketball is just around the corner from Regions, which is on Feb 24th. As it stands now, having played 22 games, Snow has won 17 and lost 5, placing them in 19th place in their division.

After their short break in December, Snow played 10 games, eight of which were wins against South Plains College (79-70), Mesa College (81-51), Community Christian College (113-75), College of Southern Nevada (86-72), RSL Academy (117-67), Utah State University Eastern (87-73, 86-68), and College of Southern Nevada (89-74). Snow’s 2 losses were to Salt Lake Community College (68-81), and College of Southern Idaho (79-85).

With Regions coming up, we went to a few players to see what their thoughts were for this season. Point Guard, Drake Allen, #3, said, “Our biggest goal is winning the rest of our games in conference.” Drake also mentioned, “Our defense has really won us some tough games,” adding, “We’ve kind of been waiting to come together as one piece, so I would say our defense has definitely been the biggest improvement.”

Also talking improvement, Power Forward, Wyatt Lowell, #25, said “The biggest thing is 3-point shooting. At the beginning of the season, we were one of the worst teams in the nation at shooting the 3 — but we’ve increased our shooting percentage a lot from then.” When asked about their biggest challenge, Wyatt said, “I think the biggest challenge is just learning how to play with each other.” As most of the team was composed of new players this season, he added, “But we’ve come a long way and got a lot better at it.”

So, with over 3 times as many wins as losses this season, Badgers should be extremely proud of their team and especially hopeful for them with Regions starting on Feb 24th. Keep balling Badgers! Students will be rooting for you from the sidelines!

Patrick Kastner, freshman (or man that’s fresh), is a writer for the Snow Drift and is tremendously hyped to be a part of Snow’s media! He’s a communications major who loves production classes and all things from socializing, music listening, guitar-ing, ukulele-ing, swing dancing, and especially Snow College!

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