Merc with a Mouth Delivers

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Deadpool came out on February 12. Photo courtesy of

Deadpool came out on February 12. Photo courtesy of

Over President’s Day weekend I saw what could probably be safely considered the most anticipated movie of February. Deadpool stars Ryan Reynolds as the popular comic book vigilante, Deadpool.

Often referred to as “The Merc with a Mouth,” Deadpool’s true identity is Wade Wilson, a former special forces soldier and all around smartmouth. When diagnosed with terminal cancer, he turns to a shady organization who offers him his only chance to live. After conducting horrendous and tortuous experiments on him, Wilson is left horribly disfigured and hideous; however, the experiments worked, and Wade now has the ability to almost instantly heal any injury and has incredible strength and accuracy with his weapons. With his new abilities, Wade dons a red suit and becomes the alter ego Deadpool.  He then sets out to take revenge on the shady people who put him through horrible pain and suffering and left him with only half a life.

Deadpool was made largely because of high demand from a large fanbase. When test footage of a potential full-length film was leaked onto the internet in 2014, fans largely went crazy and started a mass movement upon FOX to get a Deadpool movie made; not just any Deadpool movie–a vulgar, blood-soaked, R-rated Deadpool movie. So with immense pressure, FOX greenlighted the production of the first ever R-rated Marvel movie for 2016.

From the opening credits of the movie, I knew it would be good. The sarcastic, meta humor fans wanted from a Deadpool movie is present from the opening to the ending credits, even continuing after the credits. Most Marvel movies nowadays have several jokes and laughs in them, but they always try to remain more of an action movie than a comedy. In movies like the first Iron Man and The Avengers, they toe the line pretty well. However, in some of Marvel’s more recent films like The Avengers: Age Of Ultron and Ant-Man, the humor seems a little forced at times, and it deteriorates the overall quality of the film. In Deadpool, the fans find no such behavior. In a movie that establishes from the get-go that it’s just as much a comedy as it is an action movie, viewers find that none of the humor is forced or overbearing; it just contributes to the overall hilarious, bloody, and beautiful mess that is Deadpool.

Throughout the entire film, I never once felt bored or disinterested in what was happening onscreen. Whether I was laughing my head off at the unapologetic, perfectly timed humor; clinging to the edge of my seat in some of the most intensely action-packed scenes I’ve ever seen; or even coming to the verge of tears during some surprisingly emotional scenes that strangely didn’t feel out of place at all.

I walked out of Deadpool feeling like I had watched the most fun movie I had seen in awhile. It is an expertly crafted, action-packed, and utterly hilarious thrill ride that, while I wouldn’t recommend it for children, I give an outstanding 9/10.

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