Monthly Soup Night

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This week Snow College’s Student life, will be hosting its monthly Soup Night. This will happen on March 30th from 5:30-7:00. This is hopefully going to give more students a better chance to come, since it is starting earlier.

Malia Tupuola tells us what she likes about soup night,

“I just like soup, and hanging with my friends and soup. Did I mention I like soup? Yeah I do.”

Dani Lincoln tells us also what she likes,

“I like free food, I went before brass class and it was nice to have friends a something to eat before I went back to practice.”

The This is very true because it gives everyone an opportunity to go.

Riley West, tells us what he thinks about soup night,

“I think soup night is fantastic, it’s a great time for me to go after my lab and eat some soup.”

Kathy Ramos a student body advocate, tells us what will be happening this week at soup night.

“Soup night is a very open activity for anyone to come and enjoy food. The specialty of this month will be potato bacon,  chili, and a vegan choice of chili for those who would like the option. It will start earlier than most events because we want to be able to make it possible for all students to attend soup night.”

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