More Dragon than Dungeon

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Treasury of Dragons cover. Photo Courtesy of

Dungeons and Dragons fans just received a new addition to the lineup of the fifth edition sourcebooks with Fizban’s treasury of Dragons. The book features new Draconic options for player characters, inspiration for the Dungeon Masters on how to utilize Dragons in their games and setting, and a third type of dragon, the Gem dragons.

On the 26th Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons was released, granting a slew of new Draconic options to Dnd. Players not only received two new elemental-focused subclasses in the forms of the Drakewarden Ranger, and the Way of the Ascendant Dragon for the Monk but have also received three different versions of the Dragonborn and some new dragon flavored Feats.

Now the majority of the book is aimed towards the DMs. The book offers them new tools for using dragons, and some assistance getting into the mindset. And there is a slew of new dragon-related creatures added in the bestiary at the end of the book.

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