Mrs. Sanpete Partners with Continuing Ed

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Mrs. Sanpete Speaks at her certification ceremony. Photo by Kenley Steck.

Snow College Continuing Education is currently offering free, certified training on operating heavy equipment  to all Utah residents.  The badges available to earn include forklift, excavator, dozer, backhoe, wheel loader, motor grader, articulated dump truck, concrete pump truck, and mobile crane. 

‘Mrs. Sanpete County, Jennifer Crozier, business director for Crozier Construction and also Safety Compliance Manager for Delta Valley Trucking, was certified in the Trackhoe Excavator here at Snow.  She says, “I started taking courses at Snow to deepen my knowledge in the Construction Field because education is so important in continuing to fine tune any skill.  I finished the heavy machinery certification program and loved every minute of it!  It was a fantastic experience working on the simulators and with Ben and Ivan.”

Ben and Ivan are the professors of Continuing Education.  For any individual program, students are required to take four online classes and then work on a simulator.  On the program Crozier said, “This program is an amazing opportunity for anyone looking for a career in the Construction Trades.  Being certified will give you the experience and confidence you need to have a career with boundless potential.”

Crozier said she loved the program saying, “ [I] loved it so much I’m doing more courses and plan to certify in additional pieces of equipment!”

Crozier’s reason for enrolling in the program was,, “I hated the thought that no other women were involved in the program, so I wanted to find a way to let women know about it.  I started kicking ideas around and landed on doing pageants.  So now I am running for Mrs. Utah America in March with the title of Mrs. Sanpete County.  It has been a lot of hard work, but it has been such an amazing experience and a fun way to bring attention to these programs.  My sponsors have been awesome to get behind me and add so much support to my platform of “Helping Women Build The Doors They Walk Through”.

If Badgers are interested in taking this certification, they can visit the Snow College website under the Continuing Ed tab or speak to Kenley Steck in the Business Building.   Crozier will be competing for Mrs. Utah USA in March; show her some Badger support!

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