Murder Among the Mormons

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Mark Hoffman’s story hits Netflix.

Netflix has released a three episode mini documentary series titled Murder Among the Mormons. The documentary looks into the bombings that occured in Salt Lake City, Utah on October 15, 1985 as well as the story of Mark Hoffman and his ability of forging historical documents. 

This three part documentary series is directed by Jared Hess and Tyler Meason and is produced by Joe Berlinger. The show sheds light on an event in Utah history that many people might not know about. As mentioned before, Murder Among the Mormons is only three episodes long, each being about an hour. The documentary features interviews with close associates, business partners, Salt Lake PD, and family members of Hoffman as they explain their involvement in the story. 

Adrian Villa is a Snow College Student who has seen the show states, “I didn’t know what to expect from this series because I didn’t know who Mark Hoffman was. The show is very interesting and educational. I am glad that I watched it.” 

Hoffman born and raised in Utah, falls in line with another famous Utah murder, Ted Bundy. Unlike Bundy, Hoffman’s story isn’t as well known but according to Kolya Vashenko, a sophomore here at Snow, “It is just as fascinating and disturbing.” 

Hoffman is currently being held at Central Utah’s Correctional Facility in Gunnison, Utah serving a life sentence for murder, theft by deception and fraud.Murder Among the Mormons brings a new and fascinating story to the table, one which many people probably haven’t heard before. To discover the full story check out the Neflix original show Murder Among the Mormons.

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