Naomi Coronel

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Photo by Emily Gordon

Photo by Emily Gordon

Naomi Coronel is an 18 year old freshman here at Snow College. She was born on July 30, 1996 in Mexico City, Mexico. Her family moved to California when she was 2 years old and lived there until she was 5. At that point her family moved to a little town in Northern Utah called Hyrum City. She grew up there and graduated from Mountain Crest High School.

Coronel has always loved the medical field. She grew up wanting to be a Pediatrician but is now debating between that and becoming an RN. She loved taking the medical classes in high school. She was able to complete the CNA course at Bridgerland Technology College during her senior year of high school.

She has many hobbies and passions that she has acquired throughout her life. She grew up taking dance classes and fell in love with that as a child. As she got older she developed a talent for running and just being healthier in general. Coronel said, “Living a healthy lifestyle has been one of my greateset accomplishments, and let me tell you, it is so hard. But completely possible. I was tired of all the negative comments coming from everyone and ecspecially myself. So far I have lost 35 lbs. from when I started 2 years ago.”

I asked one of her close friends, Leah Meats, to describe her and she said, “She is a sweet, happy person that is always there to help. But she is also up for crazy-adrenaline sports and wants to always be out doing fun things.”

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