NASA Discovers Water on Mars

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Mars may not be the dry, parched planet we’ve come to know it as. Thanks to NASA, evidence of liquid water on Mars has come to light.

Over the years evidence has been found to suggest that Mars once had a watery past. In fact, earlier this year NASA revealed evidence of an ocean that may have once covered almost half of the planet’s northern hemisphere in the past.

But every once in a while, probes on Mars have found hints that Mars might still be a wet planet. NASA’s most recent discovery is of liquid water, running down craters and canyon walls during the summer months on Mars.

Scientists are unsure where this water comes from, but one of their theories is that it is held frozen underground until it melts and seeps to the surface. This discovery leads to the hope that Mars may be a habitable environment. But as of right now, scientists are focused on finding where the water comes from.

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