Is Netflix Creating More Problems for Viewers?

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In a survey done by Snow College Professor Sandra Cox, 65% of the class being surveyed spent at least some part of their Saturday watching Netflix. This means that some other activity was sacrificed for Netflix time. So what is the toll that Netflix is bringing to viewers?

Too often, it has become the norm to stay in and watch Netflix rather than going out. How often do people choose to stay in and binge on “The Office” rather than going to an event? It’s becoming more and more usual to put off doing homework so that a person can fit in one more episode, or just one more season. So where is the line drawn? How much Netflix is too much?

A common way a person indulges themselves is to binge watch their guilty pleasure. Binge watching is watching episodes of a series in rapid succession, usually 2-6 episodes. The PR Newswire shares an article claiming that binge watching is the new norm. In the article the Chief Content Officer of Netflix, Ted Sarandos, stated, “Our viewing data shows that the majority of streamers would actually prefer to have a whole season of a show available to watch at their own pace.”

It makes sense that many people will put off watching a show so as to watch multiple episodes at once, yet how does that affect the human body? An NPR article shows how often people are inactive. The hours of sleeping, driving, sitting at a desk for work or school, and then lounging after a long day all add up to way more “sitting than moving.” They also went on to show a study done by the University of South Carolina which found that, “men who reported more than 23 hours a week of sedentary [sitting] activity had a 64 percent greater risk of dying from heart disease than those who reported less than 11 hours a week of sedentary activity.”

So how would one prevent the problems that stationary Netflix watching can bring? An option would be to supplement a walk or any kind of activity between each episode. Another would be to simply take the TV shows to the gym and watch them while running on the treadmill. Netflix is not a bad thing, it is just something that needs to be used in moderation and traded out periodically for physical activity.

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