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New courses will be available for the 2015 fall semester here at Snow College. Not all are completely new, some are making a return after being dormant for some time. Others might be just a year old, but haven’t been completely filled.

Two of these classes are Architectural Blacksmithing and Wood Furniture. Each class is only three days long, but class time is for most of the day. Architectural Blacksmithing is a hands-on workshop where students learn traditional building skills of architectural blacksmithing. Students will learn the philosophy of historic ironwork and the production of common household hardware, such as hooks, latches, hinges and various tools. The class will also include the process of learning how to operate a coal forge and a gas forge, the forging process, tool heating and weld forging. Wood Furniture, another hands-on workshop, features a history of the construction of wood furniture. Students will learn how to build their own furniture, such as chairs, cabinets, and chest of drawers.

History of the American West, a class making a return after being unavailable for some time, will teach on the history of the American West.

Concepts of Cosplay will allow students to make their own desired cosplay costumes all while learning about the cultural themes taught in Japanese courses. The course also covers the impact of behavioral and personality change due to playing a character, and understanding how people identify with characters. Some knowledge of sewing is recommended.

Computer Information Systems will feature marketable computer skills such as computer networking, internet working, PC hardware and software configuration, computer programming and server administration.

In Introduction to International Relations, students, upon entering the class, will be assigned a country. From there they will be required to maintain relations with one another. Points will be awarded for peaceful resolutions with points deducted for the declaration of war.

An online Criminal Justice course will be made available for those currently in law enforcement.

Chemistry 1010, 1110, 1115, as well as the labs, can be taken online.

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