New Dinosaur

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LEISELwing.#abcnews.comA new dinosaur species discovered in 2009 is now being introduced to the public. They call it the “great-uncle” of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Scientists call it the “King of Gore” because of its hard thick skull and big sharp teeth.

The real name of this beast is the Lythronax Argestes . Like the T- rex it has a big body about 24-feet tall and 30 feet long, tiny arms, big thick skull and narrow facing forward eyes. This animal is a little smaller then T-rex but is said to be just as deadly.

Big T- rex lived about 70 million years ago, but scientists found that the Lythronax lived at least 80 million years ago. This is why this great animal is known as the “great-uncle” to the killer animal we know today as T- rex.

Something that is different between the Lythronax and T Rex is the Lythronax is able to look forward and has binocular vision. This made it a better hunter.

This killer is being shown at the Natural History Museum in Salt Lake City Utah.

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