What’s Coming to Netflix This Month

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Cole Stubbs browses through Netflix reviews as he stumbles upon the TV series "Arrow." Photo by Ileana Brown

Cole Stubbs browses through Netflix reviews as he stumbles upon the TV series “Arrow.”
Photo by Ileana Brown

Netflix: the infamous killer of good grades, and the eater of spare time. Every month Netflix adds and removes dozens of titles. Here’s your guide to which shows and movies are worth watching this month.
On February 27, Netflix added a new season to their hit original series starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. “House of Cards” tells the story of relentless and ruthless politician, Frank Underwood (Spacey), and his wife Claire Underwood (Wright) as they lie, cheat, and manipulate their way up the ladder of power in Washington D.C. towards the Presidency. “House of Cards” has been nominated for several awards, including the Golden Globe for Best Drama Television Series, and both Best Actress and Best Actor in a Drama Television Series for Wright and Spacey respectively.
Another Netflix Original Series being added this month is the debut of “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”. The official show description released by Netflix says: “A woman who is rescued from a doomsday cult starts life over as a nanny for a socialite in New York City. Armed with just a backpack, light-up sneakers and a couple of past-due library books, she takes on a world she didn’t think even existed anymore.” “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” stars Ellie Kemper (viewers may know her as Erin Hannon from “The Office”), and is produced by Tina Fey (“30 Rock”, “Saturday Night Live”) and will be available for viewers on March 6.
Netflix will also be adding a few recognizable films over the course of the month; on March 1, viewers will be treated to films like “Patch Adams”, and “Finding Neverland”. March 7 will see the release of the fifth season of “Glee”, and on March 11 viewers will be able to see the Oscar-nominated “How to Train Your Dragon 2”.
While several titles will be removed from Netflix in March, a few notable losses are the 1994 comedy “Dumb & Dumber”, the 1999 Horror film “The Blaire Witch Project”, and the 2012 action film “The Grey” as well as several cartoon shows including “Adventure Time”, “Ben 10”, “Dexter’s Laboratory”, “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends”, and “Samurai Jack.”

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