Fewer Student Prints

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Drew Christensen printing off a paper with the new printing system. Photo by Ashley Raymond.

Drew Christensen printing off a paper with the new printing system. Photo by Ashley Raymond.

The students who attended Snow College in 2013 all know that the free prints given by the school have been cut in half since last year from 200 to now 100 free prints.

Makenna Anderson, a student at Snow College shares her thoughts, “They cut back to 100 prints, which is fine, but when your teachers make you print out a ton of paper for their class, it wastes those prints. I don’t think the prints should be free, but I do think they should be increased. Also the teachers should all use canvas instead of making us print out our assignments.”

A new system has been set up in order to keep track of the prints. Instead of the information going straight to the printer, it is saved to a different computer. In order to print out the pages, a student swipes their I.D. card at that computer, then a print screen comes up with the total cost and how much money is left in the student’s account. The student then has the option to cancel that print, or go through with it.

Sarah Timpke, a sophomore at Snow College expresses her feelings, “I can see where they’re coming from with being cautious about over printing, but to me I wonder where all our other fees are going. I feel school fees should cover more than 100 free prints. It’s frustrating to those who have to use the printer all the time. I think the prints should roll-over from the last semester.”


Dave Peterson, employee at Snow College, and a key influence in purchasing the print management system, explains why the new system is now in place, “The old system was almost always down. It was out of date. We also didn’t know how much it would actually cost per page, and with this system we can look at that information.”


Peterson also explained that with the new system students have more of a choice to print or get rid of accidental prints, therefore saving the college money. The Unreleased Jobs Paper Saving Summary states that for the period of August 17, 2014 to September 16, 2014, Snow College has already saved $650.40 from unwanted prints. The new system has also saved 7.247% of a tree, 26.3 kg of CO2, and 1,653.0 hours of equivalent light bulb hours.


“The new system has better reliability, reduced wasted and recycled paper, built in Badger Bucks withdraws, meaning students can now pay with a BB card and do not need to go to the cashier office to purchase additional prints, and green initiative with built in reports to track our carbon footprint,” Peterson comments.

Although students are not getting as many prints as before, they are being charged for what the prints are worth. Peterson came up with the new system because, “It was either this or raise the fees for prints.” He is hoping to bring light the environmental aspects that the new system is helping with and hopes the students will understand.

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