New Science Building

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Photo courtesy of Snowdrift

Photo courtesy of Snowdrift

Snow College’s Science and Engineering Departments have plans to build a new science building that will enhance learning and inspire people to major in science. The structure may be completed as early as fall semester of 2017.

 Dan Black, the Dean of Science, says, “We want to create something beyond a building—not a science building, but a science center.” The proposed “science center” is not only be a place for students to learn science, but also a center that stimulates an interest in science for anyone who visits.

 “We want to accomplish two things,” says Black. “We want to create a building that speaks science both inside and out, full of interactive displays that teach science, and we want it to be a structure that inspires people to go into science.”

The new building would provide space for Snow College to offer more sections of science classes, especially labs. The current 50-year-old building was constructed when there were about 700 students attending Snow College. That number has now risen to around 4000, making some science classrooms overcrowded and limiting the number of classes that can be taught each semester.

Black also expressed concern that the designs of the classrooms in the current building limit instructors’ ability to teach because they cannot accommodate new teaching styles. Modern classrooms allow students to participate in a lecture while having lab materials at their fingertips.

The proposal for the new science building is now pending approval by the Utah State Board of Regents. The decision to build or not build will be made when the board meets in January.

The building is currently in what is called programming, where a team of architects plans a rough design based on the needs of Snow College. If the proposal is approved, the design process will begin next year and the Science, Engineering, and Math Departments could be moving into a brand new building for the 2017 fall semester.







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