V.P. of Academic Affairs, Steven Hood

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Photo by Shalyn Medeiros.

Photo by Shalyn Medeiros

Many students know that Snow College has a new interm president, President Carlston. What some may not know is that there is also a new Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Steve Hood.

Dr. Hood was born in Provo, and grew up in Farmington, New Mexico. Later in life, he received his Bachelor and Master of Arts from BYU in political science and international relations, as well as his PhD from the University of California.

After receiving his degrees, Dr. Hood helped begin a new freshman program at Ursinus College in Pennsylvania and also traveled to different parts of the world to teach.  After teaching in Lima, Peru, Sendai, Japan, and doing research in Taiwan, he has come to realize that in America, we are much better off with our colleges than other countries, and we are blessed to have the higher education that we have.

Some may wonder why such an accomplished man would want to come to Snow College.  Dr. Hood’s answer: he fell in love with Snow College during his interview. He recognizes the “rare relationship between teachers and students,” and wants to be a part of that.  The way he described it, the teachers don’t just teach. They mentor the students, and the students know that they can approach their teachers with any question they may have.

While here at Snow College, Dr. Hood hopes to see more four year programs started, possibly even have the school become a four year state college. He wants the costs to stay down, and the teacher- student relationship to remain the same, but still wants to give Snow College students the benefits of a four year school.

When asked what three pieces of advice he would give to students, he said, “1. Get to know your professors. 2. Visit them during office hours. 3. Always ask about the relevance of the course.” He said question the relevance because if you don’t, you may end up taking a class that will do nothing to help you in the future, and it may save you from being bored for an entire semester.

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