NJCAA Soccer Championship: Region 18

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Tia Hansen jukes out opponent. Photo by Lillian Wade.

The Region Soccer Championship for Snow College took place on Oct. 30. During the first round of playoffs which were held on Oct. 28, both the women’s and men’s teams won and proceeded to the next round. Unfortunately however, both of the teams lost their next game and were subsequently knocked out of the competition. Snow College women’s team ended their season with 16 wins and one loss while the men’s team had nine wins and seven losses. 

Snow had multiple star players with noticeable presences on the field. Kate Schirmer, a freshman at Snow, scored a total of 16 goals throughout the season. Zachary Lifferth, also

 a freshman at Snow, scored eight goals. 

Rine Yonaha was named Scenic West Athletic Conference’s Most Valuable Player, scoring two goals and five assists throughout the season. Evy Brimhall, goalie for the women’s team, has also been named Goalkeeper of the Year. She had 11 shutouts, meaning 11 games where the other team scored zero points out of 16 games total. 

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