Oklahoma Man Beheads Co-Worker After Being Fired

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Photo courtesy of mirror.co.uk

Photo courtesy of mirror.co.uk

Last Thursday an Oklahoma women was beheaded by a man who just found out he was fired from his job. Police Dispatch in Cleveland County, Oklahoma, received an emergency call from a worker at food processing facility. “We have someone attacking someone in the building,” the man on the phone said over chaotic yelling and screaming.

Moore, Oklahoma resident Jah’Keem Yisrael, also known as Alton Nolen, 30, had walked into the food distribution center at Vaughan Foods just after receiving news that he was being fired from his job at the company. Near the entrance, he repeatedly stabbed 54 year old Colleen Hufford with a knife before severing her head.

He then continued into a main hallway, where he encountered Traci Johnson, 43, and began stabbing her. While stabbing Johnson, Nolen was confronted by Mark Vaughan, Vaughan Food’s chief operating officer.

Vaughan, also a reserve county deputy, then shot Nolen with a rifle, injuring him and putting a stop to his rampage.

Police arrived at the scene, and Nolen and Johnson were both taken to a hospital. On Friday, they were both in stable condition but still in the hospital. Authorities say that the quick actions of Vaughan likely saved the lives of Johnson and others in the building.

Police say that Nolen had no previous association with either of the victims.

Nolen’s co-workers told interviewers that he had begun trying to convert them to the Muslim faith after his own recent conversion to Islam.

Moore police requested the assistance of the FBI in the investigation of this crime. Authorities say that due to the nature of the crime, its similarity to the beheadings practiced by ISIS in the Middle East, and Nolen’s involvement with Islam, they will carefully examine Nolen’s motives.

Nolen has been arrested before on various charges and was released from prison in March 2013. He was still on probation when he attacked Hufford and Johnson and will likely be sentenced to prison again.



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