Paige Light Takes Snow by Storm

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Paige posing with refreshments for her party. Photo by Haley Light

Last semester, Paige’s Nail Kitchen (PNK) was featured in the newspaper, so how is the business holding up three months later?

Owner Paige Light now has 17 consistent clients. In an English 2010 class, there were four clients talking about her business. Paige has successfully become the go to nail technician in Ephraim. 

For the one year anniversary of PNK’s Instagram page, she threw a party to appreciate her clients in a unique way. At her apartment she had countless treats available and every client that showed up would get $5 off their next service. Paige is grateful for the loyalty her clients have shown her.

This past year has taught her the importance of consistency and communication with clients. She said, “Consistency is key when it comes to building my business.” She has to be consistent with the posts she makes and communicate with clients so they can make things work. 

Her greatest experiences with clients are when they both cry while nails are being done and become friends outside of their appointments. 

One of her favorite parts of doing nails is being able to hear about other peoples’ lives. Her clients’ stories have helped build her character. Another of her favorite parts is when she gets to create unique designs with her clients. 

Social media has helped Paige be a part of not only the nail community but the small business community. She has been able to reach out and ask for advice from other business owners. They are able to help each other grow and achieve success.

One piece of advice she would have given herself last year is, “Invest in a scheduling app or better said invest for your future.” Now she is able to see the big picture rather than just satisfy her short term goals.

Go check out PNK on instagram make an appointment, leave with a beautiful set of nails and a new friend.

Jayleen is a sophomore at Snow College who plans to graduate in the Spring of 2022. She enjoys spending time with her brothers and their families. She likes to look for new books to recommend others and playing video games with her friends.

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