Pay it Forward on Kindness Day

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Each year, on February 17th, Random Acts of Kindness day is celebrated in several different countries. New Zealand began celebrating it in September 2004. However, the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation was created in 1995 and is based in Denver, Colorado.  No matter the origin of this unique holiday, it’s important to get involved.


According to the website for the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, the intent of the holiday is to encourage everyone to do something kind and to change the way people see the world.  Kindness can be spread in many ways, from complimenting a stranger to paying someone’s bill at a restaurant. There are thousands of ways to contribute to the holiday. On the Random Acts of Kindness website, there is a ‘Kind Blog’ that has countless articles with ideas meant to inspire.


“Kindness is charity”, said Mary Hailstone, a freshman student at Snow College. “It’s about thinking of others”, she said. Daphnee Poulsen, another freshman student at Snow said, “Although Random Acts of Kindness is a holiday celebrated once a year, it would be incredible to see genuine kindness in everyday life.”


Random Acts of Kindness day isn’t just for receivers, the person doing something kind benefits as well. Research on the subject, shows that the act of doing something good causes a chemical high in your brain. A man was quoted on the Random Acts of Kindness website saying, “Do not think of those who are in need, such as panhandlers, as seeking charity. They are, instead, providing a service that allows you to get your fix.”


So, this Random Acts of Kindness day, make it a personal challenge to do something kind for another person. Whether it is something big or small, it is worth it to make someone’s day.

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