Phone Breakups: Yes or No? From A Girls Perspective

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Advances in technology have brought about a generation of shy daters. Easy ways to communicate with your girlfriend or boyfriend have scared away face-to-face conversation. As a result relationships have also ended the easy way, via text message or phone call. Is this okay?

Madison Kirkham says, “No, because it’s un-classy. If you dated them and actually cared about their feelings, you would want to make it as painless as possible. Doing it to their face is the easiest way to achieve that.”

Madison Kirkham is not the only one who thinks this. Q Walker agrees, “Do not EVER break with someone over a text! Boy or girl, it is never okay. It may be difficult or awkward, but do you really want to be that person? You don’t want that reputation. Be mature enough to talk to them.”

Sam Park says, “I thought my relationship with this guy was going good and then one day I got a text that said, ‘We need to take a break.’ It was a yearlong relationship that ended over a text. It would have made much more sense to do it in person.”

There are some exceptions though, right? What happens when you try a long distance relationship and you find it doesn’t work out? You can’t exactly drive across the country to break up with someone.

Brady Stahle sets some rules, “If you live within three hours of your girlfriend or boyfriend, then it’s worth the trip.”

Everyone deserves a face-to-face conversation, but sometimes it just can’t work that way. A text is never okay, but occasionally a phone call is the best you can do.

No matter how upset you are with your girlfriend or boyfriend, always show enough respect to break up with them face to face. No one deserves a text that says, “We need to talk…”

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