Player Spotlight – Jilian Powell

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Photo courtesy of Gary Chidester

Photo courtesy of Gary Chidester

Coming from South Jordan, Jilian Powell has come to Snow College to play basketball and complete her general education.

Powell picked up the love for the sport at the age of five and a few years later she began to play the sport competitively. She went to Bingham High School along with three other girls that play on the women’s basketball team at Snow College. Powell played on Bingham High School’s basketball team all four years that she was there.

“You learn a lot from basketball,” said Powell.  “It’s not just a sport, but also something that teaches you a lot of life lessons that can help you later on in life.”

Throughout her years playing basketball, Powell has built many friendships that she still has to this day. She expressed how much her team and coaches have meant to her throughout her life, and how playing basketball at Snow College has been a great experience for her.

“The most intense game I played here at Snow College was last week’s against USU Eastern,” said Powell. “That is something that I will remember for a lifetime.”


Photo by Corey Greenhalgh

Besides basketball, Powell enjoys playing the piano, listening to music, and hanging out with her friends. Her favorite movie is Sound of Music and one of her favorite music artists is Imagine Dragons. Powell is not too picky when it comes to what movies or music that she likes and will usually watch and listen to most things.

Powell plans on returning to Snow College next school year and playing another season for the women’s basketball team. At this moment, she is not sure what she wants to do once she graduates from Snow College.

After talking about her plans for the future, she said, “I will just have to play it by ear, and whatever happens, happens.”


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