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Badger Kissing Booth for Title IX

Wellness Advocate, Aspen Collett encourages students to learn the importance of consent. Photo by Anna Mower.


Sexual Assault Awareness Week is held to inform students about the severity of sexual assault. The focus of the events held during the week was to inform students about the Title IX office and what it does.

Multiple activities were held in an attempt to inform students about sexual assault. Some of these events included “chalk the walk” where students wrote inspiring messages on the sidewalks around the belltower and a “kissing booth” to highlight the importance of getting consent. Aspen Collett, a wellness center advocate said, “the kissing booth was for Title IX; just a fun way to talk about and explain it.”

According to the Staci Taylor of the Title IX office, “Sexual Assault is a difficult event that can severely effect a student’s ability to succeed in their academic and professional pursuits. Our purpose is to educate our students about Sexual Assault and provide resources for anyone in our campus community who has experienced assault or discrimination based on sex of any kind.”

Not only did the events around campus talk about sexual assault awareness, these events also coincided with the events of suicide prevention week, which included a one mile fun run and guest speaker to show students that there are people who are there for them.

Collett stated that “Title IX is about discrimination and misconduct. We are informing people about the importance of getting consent.” Not only did Collett help with the fun run, but she also ran the kissing booth where students were asked if they would like a kiss. Those who gave consent received a Hershey’s kiss to show that consent is important.

While activities like these are not held every week, students are encouraged to stay up to date with information regarding their safety physically, mentally and even emotionally. If Badgers know of any instances of sexual misconduct, they are encouraged to report these events to the Title IX office to receive assistance and resources to best help them in their situation. You can find the Title IX Office in the Noyes Building on the second floor, Office 231, 232, and 233.


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