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  • Sandra Cox

Badgers Debate Ethics in Georgia

Snow’s Ethics team shows off their hardware after their win in Colorado. Photo courtesy of Greg Wright.

A popular idea for many is the debating of topics. This is what the ethics bowl is all about. It follows the idea of competing different aspects of cases to find theories that are considered ethical. If something is considered ethical, it is generally referred to as morally good or correct.

Snow College students competed this past November in the ethics bowl to share their arguments for why these certain cases were considered ethical or correct. A member of the ethics bowl team, Christian Ayers said, “one weekend was the Rocky Mountain 4 year regional in Colorado Springs Colorado where we won 1st and got a bid to nationals in March.” This means that of the cases the students were presented with, the judges assessed the teams debates with the counter teams and decided which one was more persuasive on the ethicality of the topic.

Snow’s team then went on to compete in the two year national in Georgia where they took second place and won the spirit award, which Ayers said, “is for embodying everything ethics bowl should be.” While in Georgia, the team also had the opportunity to explore for a while before the competition. Overall, our team took the time to have “3 team meetings a week including Saturdays, so a lot of time and effort went into understanding the cases,” said Ayers.

While the ethics bowl may not be for everyone, the time and effort put in by our ethics team is helpful in getting the team recognized for their accomplishments and spreading the idea of ethics to Badgers across campus.


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