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Campus Store Provides for Campus

Snow College bookstore has a variety of fun snow college memorabilia. Photo by Milagros Zanatelli.

When looking for school gear, class material, “stuff you gotta have”, and other miscellaneous items, look no further than Snow’s campus store.

The campus store, located on the first floor of the GSC, is a must-do stop for students and their families when searching for some Snow College gear to add to their wardrobes. Items available at the campus store range from shirts, hats, jackets, sweatpants and such, to tumblers, flags, jewelry, blankets, and much more. There's also specific gear for Snow College moms, dads, grandparents, and toddlers, so everyone can be included when showing off their badger pride.

Alongside the line of apparel, the campus store has numerous amounts of school supplies available for any student that can be purchased quickly and easily. Giovanna Botta, a student at Snow, says “The campus store always has the school supplies that I need and it’s easy to find what I'm looking for.” Their vast selection of supplies make the campus store an easy option for students who may not have the time or ability to take a trip to local stores off campus. If in-person visits to the store are less of an option, students can instead visit the store online

Not only does the campus store offer supplies for school and personal apparel, they also have a selection of everyday items that one can find useful in a time of need. The store also has snacks, medicine, personal items, and other goods available inside.

Online, students can browse and purchase textbooks and course materials required for specific classes. Students have the option of either shipping their in-stock items to the campus store for pickup, or having their items delivered directly to them.

For the upcoming semesters, within 24 hours of registering for classes, the online bookstore will have a selection of personalized textbooks and course materials for students and their specific classes. This lightens the stress of browsing numerous materials with uncertainty and helps eliminate confusion when determining what needs to be purchased. “It’s convenient because you can easily find your textbooks in minutes,” says Botta.

Inside the store, students can also find one of the “Lost and Found” locations, which holds any items that may have been misplaced and are found/brought in by another.

Students who reside on or near campus can benefit from the store’s convenient location when needing to purchase supplies or miscellaneous items, as it only takes a brief walk or short drive to and from their homes to the GSC.

Hours for the store are Monday - Thursday: 9pm - 4pm, Friday: 9pm - 1pm, and closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Contact manager Tammy Hales for more information or questions, @ or call 435-283-7211.


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