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Coffee and Creativity

The Solid Rock Cafe. Photo by Manuel Buitrago.


Open mic Night is an event that gives students, faculty and members of the general public the opportunity to express their creativity and experience others talents. Participants have shared a variety of creative pieces including song covers, original songs, poetry, and short stories.

Snow student Jessa Betterly says, “I think it’s awesome to see people come into this welcoming environment to share their amazing abilities.”

Another appeal for students may be the zero tolerance of negativity during Open Mic Night. All who are present are encouraged to clap and be supportive no matter how they may feel about the performances. This is done to make sure that nobody feels alienated or anxious while sharing something they’ve worked hard on. Betterly adds, “Not only does it express your talents but it boosts confidence in sharing it with the world.”

Open Mic night is held at the Solid Rock cafe on the second Tuesday of every month. Students are encouraged to attend the event and participate if they want. All drinks that the Solid Rock Cafe has to offer are available to buy during the Open Mic Night, including coffee, tea, italian soda, and other beverages offered by the cafe.


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