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Intro to World of Medicine

Internship students learn to provide quality care for Snow’s sports teams. Photo By Jeanine Mack.

"Improving Performance Through Quality Care" is the motto the sports medicine program follows. Spencer Mack, the Head Athletic Trainer, gives students the opportunity to learn with hands-on experience with injury prevention, emergency care, treatments, and helping with rehabilitation of injuries in this program.

This program is something students who are looking to go into medicine, especially sports medicine, could look into. Mack stated, “This is a great introductory experience to the world of medicine. This isn't pretend. We see real injuries and do real treatments and rehabilitation. It is one of the best preparatory experiences students can have if they want to follow a career in medicine.”

If a student is interested in going into this program for the next Spring Semester, they should start looking into it now. They need to meet with Mack for an informal interview. After that Mack will determine if they believe the student will be a good fit and will continue with the process.

This program can help students get into programs at bigger schools, for example Utah Tech, Southern Utah University, University of Utah, and Brigham Young University. Mack stated, “We are providing an experience unparalleled in Junior College Athletics. We are excited to bring in the next generation of Snow College Sports Medicine Student Interns to help us ‘Improve Performance Through Quality Care.”

If this sounds interesting and like something a student can benefit from, reach out to Spencer Mack and see if it’s a good fit.

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