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  • Sandra Cox

Performing Arts Day-Blast Fun

Prospective Badgers tour the beautiful campus together led by Snow College’s Ambassador Team. Photo courtesy of Emma Holmgren.

Snow College recently hosted prospective art students at a DayBlast.

According to the college’s DayBlast Campus Visit website, they state, “We are hosting Day Blasts to help you learn about Snow, meet faculty and participate in themed activities around different areas you can study in college.” Snow College holds multiple DayBlasts and SnowBlasts throughout the year for Junior and Senior high school students. DayBlasts last for the whole day, while SnowBlasts are overnight stays. Before applying to Snow College, many high school students prefer to get a glimpse of what it’s like to attend school in Ephraim first.

In the most recent DayBlast on March 17, students interested in pursuing fine and performing arts came from all across Utah to visit Snow College. In the past, DayBlasts have been utilized as advantageous promotion tools, and they continue to be used as such. Activities for the most recent DayBlast included a campus tour, jewelry making, painting, improv and street tacos, all for $10.

One of the attendees of the last DayBlast, Kaya Carter, shared why she decided to come to the event: “I’m going to be here for a music bachelor degree next semester. I did not want to get lost.” Another attendee, Aubrianne Nielson, stated, “I was wondering about how [classes were] arranged because I’ve never really been to college, so I was like, ‘Hm, I should probably go check that out.’”

Snow College Ambassadors lead the high school students through events and tours so that they can get a hands-on experience of what Snow College is all about. The latest DayBlast provided potential future Badgers with a clear view of how the art programs function.

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