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Snow College's Nursing Program Excels

Nursing student at Snow assests a mannequin for her course material. Photo by Anna Mower.


If you have a desire to go into the nursing program, but are still questioning your decision, Snow College offers a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) class to introduce you to nursing. After completing the CNA class you can begin the nursing program.

The nursing program has recently made some big changes. Amber Epling, director of nursing says, “This new program is non-traditional in comparison with other programs.” The application window starts in the fall or the spring and is open for two months at a time.

The program now no longer offers a Licensed Practical Nurse’s (LPN) degree, but now offers a Registered Nurse’s(RN) degree. Previously, many students would get their LPN and then proceed on to their RN, but with many things changing and LPN’s no longer being required in most professions the program decided to move their focus to the RN program.

For students who already have a LPN, the program still allows students to further their education and work into a RN by jumping back into the program where they left off, rather than starting from the beginning.

Epling also says, “Students have always done really well in our program and some have even been able to get a job before they graduate,” Students are able to start their nursing career while they’re still in the program and learning.

The new program will have their first graduating class in December of 2023. They expect to graduate about 60 students a year.

Melissa Blackner, health professional at Snow College says, “Many students want a Bachelor's degree, but what students don’t realize is that they can get their RN here at Snow College and they can go and work as an RN, while receiving a higher pay scale and get their Bachelor’s programs online and we transfer way easy into other schools programs.” After receiving your RN, Snow makes it easy to adjust to the next step of getting a Bachelor of Science in Nursing(BSN) license.


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