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Snow Represents at State Capitol

Students, faculty, and other representatives of Snow College gather on the House of Representatives steps at the State Capitol building. Photo courtesy of Michael Huff.

On February 9, 2023 Snow students, faculty, and staff spent the day at the state capitol. Students, faculty, and staff gathered at the State Capitol to showcase what Snow does and represent the college.

Snow College Interim President Stacee McIff had this to say, “Snow Day on the Hill was incredible! We felt the support of our state’s legislators for the unique and important role Snow College plays in Utah higher ed.”

Snow Day on the Hill focused on the efforts put in by students and faculty to showcase what Snow College does to help students progress. This includes the different programs, experiences, and plans students make for the future while attending. SBO President Jackson Rowley said, “It was very cool to be able to share our experiences about Snow College with those around.” Not only were students and faculty able to talk with different legislators and Capitol Hill guests, but those representing Snow College were able to be presented on the Senate Floor and to the House of Representatives.

Some of the different departments that participated included Snow’s athletics, the GRIT center, the humanities, and health science. Students involved were able to participate in talking about the positives of Snow, and how it effectively serves students. Not only did the participants talk about what was happening on campus, but students were able to get to know the administration of the college.

Dani Noorda, a student representing the social science department said, “I feel like it was quite the honor to be able to go and be selected by the professors to be able to brag about my favorite college and talk about something much bigger than me.”

Senators, legislators, and visitors were able to visit with students who explained what Snow College provides to students and the community.

Noorda explains the experience as “a neat opportunity to represent the school.” and finished by saying, “It was good to be part of a wholesome crowd.”

Students were given the opportunity to represent the community of Snow College while showing the variety of programs. Noorda claims that, “In the end it was a lot of fun and you got to create a lot of relationships with people while representing the best school in Utah.”

Snow College has been recognized as one of the top schools in the state and faculty, staff, and administration strive to make it an inclusive place where students can follow their dreams.


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