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The Sky on Debut at Snow

“The Plantetarium is a great date night, hangout with friends, and learning opportunity. I love the Planetarium” said by Jane Huntington. Photo courtesy of Snow College Facebook.

A planetarium utilizes a dome on the ceiling that projects educational and entertainment based shows about astronomy. The Graham Science Center at Snow College has the only planetariums in Utah south of Provo.

Snow College students and community members are invited to attend planetarium shows. Not only does the planetarium host school groups, Snow Blasts, and church groups, it also hosts family and community group events. This theater seats an average of 25 adults. The planetarium is operated by the Snow College Division of Natural Science and Mathematics.

Snow College student, Jane Huntington, said, “The Planetarium is a great date night, hangout with friends, and learning opportunity. I love the planetarium.” Planetarium shows provide viewers with information about the galaxy. There are a plethora of shows offered, but the majority focus on the moon, sun, black holes, dark matter, alien life, and other galaxy features. Around certain holidays, themed holiday shows are available. Annie Anderson, a planetarium visitor, said, “Every Snow student should visit the planetarium.”

Planetarium shows are free and offered each week. An “A-frame” is located in the science building advertising what show will be playing next, along with the date and time of the event. For additional access to the show schedule and to reserve a ticket, visit

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