Pride Club Welcomes All

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The Pride Club at the Snow College campus is one of the clubs Snow College offers to students. At the Pride Club, students will find diversity and friends to share their ideas and experiences. The purpose of the Pride Club is clear, to be a place where LGBTQ+ students and allies can gather to find acceptance and friendship to make a safe environment for everyone. 

As one of the biggest clubs on campus, they try to make the activities a welcome place for everyone. Shannon Allred, the current advisor of the Pride Club, expressed: “I am honored to be a small part of the Pride Club. The students I work alongside are some of the most welcoming people you will ever meet. It is a beautiful thing to watch the students as they lift each other and support each club member.”

Many Pride Club members have expressed that this is the only time they can be themselves without judgment. Each Thursday night,  the Pride Club meets in the GSC and welcomes more than 30 members to talk about experiences or to have fun with activities like watching a movie together or playing UNO. They hope that as time passes many more students will join the group. 

The pride club schedule for the fall semester has many activities such as an ice cream social, painting rocks, and one of the upcoming activities, the Halloween party. Students all over the campus can get to know them on social media. Also, to keep updated on the upcoming events is essential to follow the club on the Snow College App. 

As the current vice-president of the club, I am making the invitation to join the club. I will be happy to receive you. This club is a place for everyone.

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