Psych Club Investigates Ghost Stories

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Photo by Shay Duncan

Photo by Shay Duncan

Have you ever wondered where the most haunted places are around the county?  Well, so has Snow College’s Psychology Club.  Nick Marsing, a psychology professor and the leader of the Psychology Club here at Snow College, says, “I just love ghost stories.” Then he gave the members of the club the opportunity to participate in finding all sorts of local ghost stories.

Psychology Club members have started by gathering stories from the locals, young and old.  The club is going to compare the stories that are told by all the different people depending on where they live and how old they are. Marsing stated, “Eventually, we hope to actually take these and make short films out of them, like ten minute horror films.” After all this research and comparing is complete the best told stories will be put together and hopefully published so that others can enjoy them.

The club’s goal is to find as many ghost stories as they can.  “We’re at the point right now to get stuff together to help collect the stories.” says Professor Marsing.  The Psych Club is going to be able to record the stories that they hear so that they can get an accurate feel for what the story is really about.

Marsing announced, “It’ll kind of be an on-going project.  Because there is just a lot of ghost stories and once we get a comfortable feel for Sanpete County then we are going to branch out.”  After Sanpete County is covered, the research will expand to the neighboring counties.

If you want to learn more about the crazy ghost stories told by members of Sanpete County visit members of the Psych Club and stay updated with their project as it continues over the year.

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